Sea Freight Inscreased

                                                                              Sea Freight Increase Caused Problem

  There are a few factors contributing to the container freight price surge, including the ongoing global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. With many countries lifting restrictions that were originally set in place in an attempt to control the virus, the demand for goods has surged and created a new “normal” level. Also due to container shortage, sea freight increased day by day.

  For faced this problem, business need go on, then we need ensure every container can put more machine to save the whole cost, in order to solve this problem, XSJ company upgraded most Skycolor, Stormjet and Fedar printer wooden box package size, and let one container can loading more sets.

  For example: 20GP and loading printer model and quantity as below: 12 pcs SC-4180TS, 12 pcs SC-6160S, 2pcs FD6194E, 4pcs FD5194E, etc. Other detail pls check with us directly.

  Hope we can survival this year well, and become better and better in next year. All problem XSJ will help to solve it togerther. Also welcome to join our big team.