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Printhead 8 pcs Epson I3200-E1/A1

Print Speed 268 ㎡/h

Ink Type Eco Solvent Ink, Sublimation Ink

RIP Software Neostampa/Photoprint/Onyx/Maintop

Taking Media System Air shaft system

Ink Supply Secondary Ink Supply

Application PP, Vinyl, Banner, Back-lit, Mesh, Canvas, etc.

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1. High-end Softwar:Using international high-end software, the drawing is more realistic.

2. Intelligent Ink Starving Alarm:Reduces the tediousness of frequently checking the remaining amount of ink, and at the same time reminds to
add ink in time to ensure the continuity of printing work.

3. Intelligent Foggy Printing & VSDT Printing:Unique two-dimension intelligent foggy and wave-foggy function, and VSDT variable droplet
techonology, improve printing quality obviously.

4. Using Advanced Capping Station:Equipped with advanced intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe and convenient
printhead cleaning and maintenance functions, more convenient operation and maintenance.

5. Stable Media Feeding and Take-up System:Convenient,the printing media is quickly stored,equipped with automatic paper measurement and
anti-rubbing function,the consumables are warped,printing is automatically paused to prevent scratching the printhead.

Printer Detail show:
Speical Capping Station

1. Adopt new technology for printhead sequence which can support 1pass high speed printing.

2. Add mirror on the capping station, operator can watch the head surface condition easy.

3. Advanced printhead moisturized function.

Import THK Guide Rail

1. Using double import THK guide rail, which can keep higher resolution when you print longer time---industrial level.

2. Configurate with intelligent pinch roller, operator can control each pinch rollers.

3. Add ruler on the beam, let reset the origin position easy.

Stable boards and motors

1. Tidy board connect, and more function control.

2. With leadshine servo motor control.

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 All advertising materials: PP, Photopaper, Vinyl, Canvas, Banner, Mesh, Back-lit, etc.

H1808 Eco Solvent Printer
Printhead Epson I3200-E1/A1 Nozzle Quantity 3200
Printhead Quantity 8 Print Width 1800mm
Ink Color CMYK Print Height 2-5mm
Resolution 360*1200/360*1800/
Media Taking System Air Shaft feeding and taking up system
*Tested on linear printing without feather function
1pass 268㎡/h Drying Method Intelligent Extra Dryer Device
Ink Supply Method Siphon Positive Pressure Ink Supply
2pass 185㎡/h Head Moisture
Auto Head Cleaning and Moisturize
Print Media Photopaper, Vinyl, Back-lit, Banner,
Canvas, Mesh, etc
Ink Type Eco Solvent Ink, Sublimation Ink,
Water based Pigment Ink
Gigabit LAN
Computer System Win7, Win8, Win10(Professional) File Forms TIFF, JPG, EPS, PDF, etc.
Operate Environment Temp.:15℃-30℃,  Humidity: 35℃-65℃ RIP Software Printfactory,
Printer Size 3400*1290*1690mm Power Supply 210-230V, 50/60HZ, 16A
Print Power: 1000W
Dryer Power: Max.3500W
Computer Configuration Hard Disk: NTFS, C Disk Space: More than 100G, HARD Disk:WG300G GPU: ATI Discrete GPU,
Memory: 8G, CPU: Inte I7, G-Ethernet
Standard Configuration Ink Level Alarm System, Anti-Collision System

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