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Fedar FD Series Sublimation Printer(6heads,8heads)


Printhead Epson I3200-A1

Head Quantity 6/8 heads

Print Width 1900mm

RIP Software Neostampa/Photoprint/Onyx/Maintop

Taking Media System Air shaft system/Tension system

Operate System Fedar Controll System

Warranty 1 year

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1. High Precision Printhead:
Adopt Epson I3200-A1 with 3200 nozzles,which can improve the printing speed greatly.
2. High-end Software: 
Using international high-end software, the drawing is more realistic.
3. Intelligent Ink Starving Alarm:
Reduces the tediousness of frequently checking the remaining amount of ink, and at the same time reminds to add ink in time to ensure the continuity
of printing work.
4. Intelligent Foggy Printing & VSDT Printing: 
Unique two-dimension intelligent foggy and wave-foggy function, and VSDT variable droplet techonology, improve printing quality obviously.
5. Using Advanced Capping Station:
Equipped with advanced intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe and convenient printhead cleaning and maintenance
functions, more convenient operation and maintenance.
6. Stable Media Feeding and Take-up System:
Convenient and fast, the printing media is quickly stored, equipped with automatic paper measurement and anti-rubbing function, the consumables
are warped, printing is automatically paused to prevent scratching the printhead.


Printhead Maintenance:
Head maintenance can be done from printer directly without connecting computer.
Ink Chain:
Imported Germany IGUS ink chain ,high quality, to ensure the good completion of printing work.

Leadshine Motor:
Leadshine server motor driver,quality assurance,high resolution and stable.
Ink Tank:
Four units of 3L super large capacity ink reservoirs provide ink independently and continuously, which guarantees the long-term continuity of ink output.

The position of the print head can be adjusted according to different printing medias, and anti-collision devices at both ends.
Pinch Roller:
Special designed pinch roller,each one can be lifted respectively to eliminate the wrinkle caused by media.

 Fedar Sublimation Printer mainly business area:

1. Fedar printer can printing transfer paper type 35-100gram
2. Transfer materials: polyester, fabric, etc
3. Detail use range: Sportwear, dress, curtain, bed sheet, decoration, carpet, etc.

Model  FD5196E FD5198E
Printhead Epson I3200-A1
Quantity 6 8
Print Speed 2pass 240/h 2pass 300㎡/h
*Tested on linear printing without feather function 4pass 120㎡/h 4pass 160㎡/h
Print Width 1900mm
Ink Type Type: Sublimation Ink, Water-based ink(Dye or Pigment),
Print Media Transfer Paper(from 40gsm to 100gsm)
Material Transmit Tension System Inflatable Roller Auto Inflatable Roller Auto
(Optional: Inflatable Roller System) Feeding and Taking Media System Feeding and Taking Media System
Dryer Extra Intelligent Dryer
Moisture Model Full Seal Auto Moisture and Cleaning
Rip Software Maintop6.0, Photoprint19, Onyx 19, Neostampa
Image Format JPG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, etc.
Computer System Win7 64bits ,Win8 64bits ,Win10 64bits
Transmit Port Gigabit Port
Computer Configuration Hard Disk: 500G or more, GPU: ATI Mobility Memory 4G
Random Access Memory: 8G
CPU: Intel 4 I5/I7 processor or above
Device Lack Ink Alarm System
Working Environment Temp.:18℃-30℃,  Humidity: 35℃-65℃
Power  50/60HZ, 210-230V, 16A
Print Power: 1000W
Dryer: Max. 5500W
Machine Size 3070*1550*962mm
Packing Size 3380*1030*1790 3460*950*1115mm
Inflatable Roller Package: 2780*1030*1060mm

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