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  • New SC-6162TS
  • New SC-6162TS

New SC-6162TS


Printhead Epson I3200-E1/A1

Head Quantity 2

Colors CMYK

Printing Resolution 3200

RIP software Maintop,FlexiPRINT,ONYX,etc.

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 *  Heating in the front, middle and rear makes the material heated more evenly, increases the ink absorption, and the printing effect is more vivid.
*  Adopt the sub-tank ink supply system to ensure the stability of long-term output ink supply.
*  Variable voltage, the control software can automatically change the printhead voltage according to diferent temperatures to improve the problems of ink missing.

*  Intelligent feathering printing, the original two-dimensional intelligent feathering function, can effectively eliminate the BANDING in printing, and the printing quality is highly improved.
*  Inteligent design, compatible with printing software such as Maintop, FlexiPRINT, ONYX, etc, is more convenient to use.
*  Equipped with a Chinese and English operation interface, both physical buttons and computer can control the machine, which is convenient for operation.
*  Continuous printing after disconnection, the connection is disconnected due to environmental interference during printing, the control software can automatically detect, reconnect and splice the last disconnected part, and continue printing to avoid waste.

Printhead Type: Epson I3200-E1
Number of Nozzles: 3200(1PC)
Resolution: 3200DPI
Head Clean: Auto cleaning, flash and Moisturizing
Type: Epson I3200-A1
Number of Nozzles: 3200(1PC)
Resolution: 3200DPI
Head Clean: Auto cleaning, flash and Moisturizing
Quantity 1 2 1 2
Print Speed
*Tested on linear printing without feather function
2pass 30㎡/h 80㎡/h 2pass 30㎡/h 80㎡/h
3pass 25㎡/h 55㎡/h 4pass 25㎡/h 55㎡/h
4pass 20㎡/h 40㎡/h 6pass 20㎡/h 40㎡/h
6pass 15㎡/h 30㎡/h 8pass 15㎡/h 30㎡/h
Data Transmission Port Giga-bit Ethernet Port
Print Width 1600mm
Ink Type Type: Water-based ink(Dye or Pigment), Eco Solvent Ink
Print Media Indoor Advertising Material, Transfer Paper, PP Vinyl,Flex Banner,Canvas Banner, etc.
Rip Software Maintop,FlexiPRINT,ONYX,etc.
Image Format JPG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, etc.
Computer System Win7,Win10
Transmit Port Network Port
Computer Cofigiration Hard Disk: 500G or more, GPU: ATI Mobility
Radeon, Memory: 4G or above
CPU: Intel 4 I5 processor or above
Optional Device Heat System: Extra Dryer Device
Working Environment Temp.:15℃-30℃,  Humidity: 35℃-65℃
Power Supply 50/60HZ, 220V, 5A
Dimensions 2566x662x1302mm
Machine Weight 240kg

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