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  • 1804-UV Printer
  • 1804-UV Printer
  • 1804-UV Printer

1804-UV Printer


Printhead Epson I3200-U1

Head Quantity 4

Printing Resolution 3200

Ink Type LED-UV Curing Ink

Color C M Y K +W +V + GV

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1. Experience the new cutting-edge design upgrade that brings a modern, sophisticated and visually striking look to stand out from its predecessors.
2. The rear-mounted heater offers independent temperature control, enabling precise temperature adjustments for media preheating to ensure superior print quality.
3. The UV lamps are designed as separate units, and the ink cartridge system is equipped with 7 colors: CMYKW, gloss varnish, and matte varnish. By adjusting the gloss varnish lamp, it is possible to switch between glossy and matte finishes, accommodating two different printing techniques.
4. The carriage backplate utilizes a dual-rail structure for vertical movement, which ensures the stability of the carriage during operation and eliminates any risks associated with gaps.
5. The beam adopts a dual-rail structure, with the dual rails ensuring stability in both the vertical and horizontal movement of the carriage during the printing process. Moreover, the overall precision in the machining and installation of the beam is improved, resulting in greater stability of the print quality.

6. An independently developed computer stand allows for simultaneous rotation of the keyboard and screen, enabling customers to operate conveniently according to the site conditions. 


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